Potential Adaptive Child Education

Welcome to the Potential Adaptive Child Education (PACE) Centre!

The PACE Centre is new to the Special Education Needs (SEN) community of Dubai, offering an alternative that specializes in recognizing the unique gifts of our students. Our mission is to serve students with special needs by creating opportunities for all our students to live their fullest, most joyous lives. We do this by operating within a systems approach where, for example, therapy and learning are combined in a seamless whole, not in isolation one from the other, so that therapy and learning inform and enhance one another.

The PACE Centre extends its focus on a systems approach to include all stakeholders in the development of goals, the design of the individualized student programs, and the determination of the approaches used to align theory to practice. Teachers, therapists, learning support professionals, parents, and the wider community play a role, creating a program that provides safe and outward-looking circles of care and life opportunities for our students.

Our centre is characterized by its small, intimate setting. In a colorfully engaging physical environment where visual cues are abundant, our students are challenged to learn to comfortably transition between academic classes, including Literacy, Numeracy, and Math, and their special classes that include Art, Music, Play Therapy, Computer Science, and Physical Education. In this way, the PACE Centre focuses on the whole child, working to strengthen each area and, in doing so, tapping into each child’s unique set of talents. Once their talents are discovered, they are nurtured by the committed, passionate staff at PACE.

The philosophy of the PACE Centre is characterized by a sense of service. This service is focused not only on our own SEN community but also on the greater Dubai SEN community. We believe that we make the world a more open and accepting place for our own students when we are open enough to engage in the wider community. In this vein, we have reached out to multiple organizations in Dubai for partnerships, providinga path for more comprehensive learning experiences for our students and developing a map for future life choices.

We invite you to visit us at the PACE Centre. We would be happy to show you around our facilities and talk about our educational mission. Here; at PACE Centre, we envision a time when every child in the UAE receives a customized learning program that leads to a full, prosperous and happy life.