Potential Adaptive Child Education


The PACE Centre accepts children with special needs from the ages of 4 years old until 18 years old. The PACE Centre specializes in working with children on the Autism Spectrum and/or with Mental Disabilities. Students with a current diagnosis within two years are welcome to begin the enrollment process by scheduling an appointment to meet with the specialists at the Centre and/or to tour the facilities. The PACE Centre also has a full complement of therapists, including psychologists, that will be able to provide information that will lead to an initial assessment of non-diagnosed children.

Once children are found to meet the requirements of the PACE Centre, the Ministry of Community Development Affairs requires each student to apply for a Disability card at one of the government hospitals. When the application for the card is completed, students who have received a formal acceptance letter may enroll in the PACE Centre.

Based on classroom observations as well as the initial psychological assessment, each child will receive a full individualized learning plan that catalogues both the necessary therapies and the various goals for the learning environment that will lead to success in the academic and behavior realms. The individualized plans will be reviewed every three months to assure that students are progressing at the centre.

Therapy Options:

  • Speech &Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychological
  • Play Therapy
  • Music and Art Therapy

In addition to the above-mentioned regular therapies, horseback riding, swimming, and other physical therapies will be offered to build social relationships and physical stamina at specified periods during the year.


  1. Telephone, email, or walk-in appointments are encouraged.
  2. Initial interviews will be scheduled with the PACE Centre Intervention Team.
  3. Parents or guardians should bring copies of the following student documents with them when visiting the PACE Centrefor an initial interview:
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • Emirates ID
    • Birth Certificate
    • Copy of Disability Card or Application Number
    • Copies of reports (School, Therapy, Psycho-educational)
  4. A nonrefundable fee of AED700.00 is payable on date of the interview.
  5. The PACE Centre specialists will assess whether the student:
    • Needs to arrange an assessment for a full diagnosis; or,
    • Needs toschedulea full Psychological Assessment to prepare for the IEP.
  6. Once the assessment for IEP is scheduled, a school tour can be done with the parents and students if not already completed.
  7. Feedback on the assessment and the student’s acceptance will occur on the first working day following the psychological assessment.
  8. When formally accepted, parents and/or guardians will receive a Welcome Packet that contains:
    • Checklist of documents required
    • Registration Form
    • Breakdown of Fees
    • Acceptance Letter
    • Medical Forms (Health Record)
    • School Calendar
    • List of Uniform and where to purchase
    • Photographs and Video Images Acceptance Form
  9. Once students receive the formal acceptance letter from the PACE Centre, signed documents and payment of the registration fee in the amount of AED4000.00 is due within 5 working days.
  10. A parent and/or guardian must register with the Accounts Department to arrange payment of Fees;
  11. After the tuition is confirmed, an individual Profile will be completed for each student.