Potential Adaptive Child Education


PACE — Potential Adaptive Child Education — is a specialized learning development and intervention center in Dubai that provides individualized educational programs and support to children with special needs. Our center stresses the need for high cooperation among stakeholders—students, parents, therapists, teachers, learning support professionals, and the greater Dubai community - to maximize each student’s full potential.

Using an approach that integrates therapy (intervention) with learning and learning with therapy (intervention), the PACE Centre teachers and staff work hard to maximize each student’s potential with a service-centered and outward-looking approach.

The PACE Centre welcomes children with special needs from the ages of 4 years until 18 years and offers a learning program that specializes in strengthening the knowledge and skills of the whole child.


In 2012, the members of Dubai Education LLC formed The Oasis School, one of the first and only schools that incorporated mainstream students with special needs students under one roof. Over the years, the concept of mainstream/inclusive education became widely accepted and implemented by manyschools in Dubai.

By the middle of the 2015-2016 academic year, the ministry asked Oasis School to re-conceptualize its offering as a mainstream/inclusive program to a centre that provides programming to SEN students. The Oasis School; thus, needed to shift its focus, increase its knowledge and skill base, and reach out to other SEN centres in Dubai and abroad to remain a viable leader in the educational field.

While PACE Center—a center exclusively dedicated to meeting the needs of children with learning difficulties and special educational needs—grew out of The Oasis School, it employs a fundamental shift in its education purpose, therapy goals, and educational philosophy to focus exclusively on special needs students. At PACE Center, each child’s unique needs are addressed fully by a team of student-centered practitioners. With the active participation of families, teachers and therapists create a student-centered individualized learning program for each member of the PACE Center family.



To deliver a systems approach to individualized learning wherein all stakeholders, including the family, teachers, therapists, and physicians, work together to ensure that each student receives the guidance and support to reach his/her full life potential.


  • To lead the GCC in the innovation of specialized teaching for children with learning difficulties through differentiation, integration and development.
  • We envision a time when every child in the UAE receives a customized learning program that leads to a full and happy life.


The PACE Centre provides a unique individualized learning experience to children with special needs in a systems based therapy and learning environment. Teachers and learning support specialists assess each student’s special gifts and talents; once discovered, the gifts and talents are developed as part of each student’s individualized goals.

At the core of our mission and educational philosophy, the PACE Centre strives to:

  • Develop individualizedlearning programs that help guide each student to maximize his/her full potential, using best practice strategies in education and research-centered intervention approaches;
  • Provide an enriched special needs program that helps each student progress from one educational level to the next;
  • Use a host of intervention strategies to complement the center’s curricula and programming for maximum success.



  • To respect UAE culture and values;
  • To develop the SEN knowledge and skills necessary to address our students’ unique qualities;
  • To interact with compassion and awareness in the greater Dubai SEN network;
  • To respect and celebrate our differences.

Engagement & Responsibility

  • To build on the unique strengths that all children possess in order to provide the very best and most challenging learning environment;
  • To create a welcoming and engaging learning environment;
  • To expand the knowledge and skill sets of every child by recognizing their unique gifts and talents;
  • To encourage, promote and celebrate students’ success;
  • To assess each child using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences schema;
  • To develop the competencies that will allow students to be effective communicators and thinkers;
  • To create a learning environment that assures the safety of every child, teacher, therapist, and learning support specialist in the centre;
  • To infuse the centre with a sense of inclusivity through diversity;
  • To provide a physical environment that enhances the therapy and learning experiences of all students;
  • To monitor each student’s progress towards meeting and maintaining individualized goals;
  • To encourage team work and collaboration among the centre staff;
  • To demonstrate professionalism, integrity, and accountability in all aspects.


  • To build relationships with key stakeholders in a student’s life, including parents, teachers, therapists, learning support specialists, and a wide variety of SEN-sensitive employers, program providers, and specialists in the greater Dubai community;
  • To maintain strong communication with all stakeholders in the PACE Centre family and with the Dubai community at large;
  • To actively engage stakeholders, especially parents and members of the greater community, in the daily life of the PACE Centre.